Questions Regarding Lot Size/Boundaries?

Contact Troy Worthington, Architectural Committee Chairman BEFORE beginning ANY project. 

Refer to link below for phone number and email address: 


   Transfer of Membership Certificate

Membership Certificate transfers will be completed at no charge to those members wishing to change the name shown on a Membership Certificate to a trust controlled by the member or a specific family member or members, where no sale has taken place.

If a Membership Certificate transfer occurs due to a sale of the membership, a $500 transfer fee is payable to Fairview Lakes Association at the time of the transfer. 


Building or Remodeling? 

Please remember to contact Troy Worthington, Fairview Lakes Board Member and Architectural Committee Chairman, at or by phone (801) 358-8822 BEFORE beginning your project.  Click the links shown below to obtain the authorization form and an idea of  what is required to convey to the Architectural Committee your proposed construction plans in regards to placement on your lot.  


After obtaining approval from Fairview Lakes Association, you should contact Sanpete County.  Information regarding the requirements imposed by Sanpete County can be located by clicking the   following links (including the pdf located at the bottom of this page): 

FYI...When building a detached shed measuring less than 200 square feet (no water or power to the structure), no building permit is required from Sanpete County. HOWEVER, members must contact the Architectural  Committee Chairman of Fairview Lakes Association BEFORE any building or excavation takes place.  

Construction Authorization Form..2009.pdf Construction Authorization Form..2009.pdf
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Proposed Development 1.jpg Proposed Development 1.jpg
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Proposed Development Drawing page 2..jpg Proposed Development Drawing page 2..jpg
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Section from Protective Covenants.pdf Section from Protective Covenants.pdf
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If a member wishes to invite a trailer(s), on a temporary basis, to park on his/her cabin lot, the trailer(s) are allowed for 16 days or less, only.